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2017 Officer Reports

President's Report 2017.pdf

1st Vice President Report 2017.pdf

2nd Vice President Report 2017.pdf

3rd Vice President Report 2017.pdf

Corresponding Secretary Report 2017.pdf

Scholarship Awards Report 2017.pdf

Scholarship Fund Treasurer Report 2017.pdf

Scholarship Fund Chapter Donations 2017.pdf

Scholarship Fund Memorial Donations 2017.pdf

Scholarship Fund Treasurer Financials 2017.pdf

Triad Editor Report 2017.pdf

Treasurer Report 2017.pdf

Webmaster Report 2017.pdf

Memorial Loan Fund Bank Report 2017.pdf

Memorial Loan Fund Chair Report 2017.pdf

Tri Delta Liaison Report 2017.pdf

Marshal Report 2017.pdf

Chaplain report 2017.pdf

Historian Report 2017.pdf

Membership Director Report 2017.pdf

Recording Secretary Report 2017.pdf

Revisions Committee Report 2017.pdf

2017 Council Meeting Minutes

Tri Psi Intl Council Meeting 2017.pdf

2017 Triad / The Triad 2017.pdf  (116-page .pdf download)

2016 Triad / The Triad 2016.pdf  (130-page .pdf download)

2015 Triad / The Triad 2015.pdf  (90-page .pdf download)

2014 Triad / Triad 2014.pdf  (128-page .pdf download)

International Council

International Council 2016-2019.pdf

International Tri Psi Committees 2016-2019

Tri Psi Intl Committees 2016-19.pdf

Tri Psi Chapter Officers

Tri Psi Chapter Presidents, Treas, Triad 2017.pdf

Tri Psi Living Past Presidents

Tri Psi Living Past Presidents.pdf

Chapter Officer Change Form

Tri Psi Chapter Officer Change form 0817.pdf

Tri Psi Chapter Calendar

Tri Psi Chapter Calendar.pdf

Tri Psi General Information

Triad General Information 2017.pdf

Tri Psi Letterhead

Tri Psi Letterhead.pdf

Tri Psi Logo

TriPsi_Logo_Vert.jpg (vertical)

Tri Psi Logo.H.jpg (horizontal)

Tri Psi Initiate & Jewelry Order Form

Tri Psi Initiate & Jewelry Order Form 0117.pdf

Greek Alphabet

Greek Alphabet.pdf

Tri Psi International By-Laws

Tri Psi International By-Laws Oct 2016.pdf