Welcome Tri Delta Mothers


Introduction to Tri Psi

Welcome all mothers or anyone acting in the capacity of a mother of a Tri Delta. Tri Delta is the only sorority that has a Greek letter sorority for their mothers.  Sarah Ida Shaw, co-founder of Tri Psi, is also a founder of Tri Delta. Through the years there has never been a stronger ally for Tri Delta than Tri Psi mothers. Tri Psi supports Tri Delta daughters and builds special friendships with other Tri Delta mothers across the United States and Canada.


A mother-daughter relationship

The Tri Psi scope of service is for all daughters in all chapters. It offers members a unity of strength and  a broader vision and deeper conception of a mother-daughter relationship, exemplifying the words of our Tri Psi Motto: An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.


Tri Psi Past and Present

Tri Psi was founded on October 2, 1914 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Our flower is the violet, mother of the pansy.

The sorority colors are green, gold and violet.

Our magazine is The TRIAD and is published every August.

Conventions are held every two years and are open to all Tri Psi members.

Become a Tri Psi Member



You can become a Tri Psi if your daughter is an initiated member of Tri Delta Sorority. You can join a local chapter which may be in your area or start your own chapter. It's easier than you think. You need at least six Tri Delta mothers to establish a new chapter.

If you're in an area without a chapter, and you're unable to start a new chapter, you may become a member-at-large. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information.



Laura Outman, Membership Director


(636) 265-0320

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Christine Calhoun, President


(416) 766-3968 

Toronto, Canada