Tri Psi News


Greeting from the President

Greetings Ladies,

Time sure does fly. I do hope you have all been enjoying this unusual summer.

In Toronto, we have had lots of rain. We have watched many news reports about terrible weather all through the United States. However, our lawns are flourishing and many beautiful flowers are blooming. I hope you have been able to spend some time with family and realize some of your dreams.

A new school year is starting. For our Delta girls, this is a very exciting timeof year. Many of them have been away from their friends for the summer. At school, it is a time for renewing friendships. It is a time for looking at new recruits to the sorority and the perfect time for us Tri Psi moms tohelp those girls realize how valuable we are to them.

Many chapters are involvedin different ways. There are welcome breakfasts, donations of food to events, new member welcome bags, the offers of help and many more ways to be present. Many of these girls are joining a special sorority they may have hoped to join for a while. We need to let them know that there is a special group that their moms can belong to as well. Maybe we can share someideas of how this is done. 

Each chapter has different approaches and ideas. Let's hear them. Delta Sigma is having a great back to school Peachtree bed sheet sale as a fundraiser. It is also a great way for moms of new studentsto get the right size sheets delivered to their kids at the school. It is posted on our Facebook page. Tri Psi International.

Our Facebook page is a way for us to see other chapter events and let people know some news. It is a private group so you must be invited to join. If you do not belong and want to, please send me your name on FB and I will send you a friend request. When you accept, I will be able to add youto the page.

We also have a great WEBSITE which you can access easily at

We are thrilled to announce that our Tri Psi Scholarship application isnow on line. It is there now for the girls to access and see at the start of the school year. This scholarship is funded by our donations. Perhaps all chapters could try to collect their dues in Sept, and Oct. which wouldget them to Naomi (international treasurer) with time to spare.

We are hoping that each member will contribute an extra amount above the dues which can be directed to scholarship as a lump sum from the chapter. We are also hoping, since there is no convention this year…perhaps we could donate a portion of what the conventio would have cost to go to. Even if each person contributed $10 that would be a great sum of scholarship money.

The convention will now be held every OTHER year. There will be one in 2018. I know there will be many sad faces come October. I know that I will miss seeing the lovely ladies at the convention time. Please understand that the numbers are crucial for a successful convention. With everything onlinenow it is difficult to plan without being sure of numbers attending. Please commitwhen requests are made for numbers for 2018.

I wish you luck with the start of the new school year. I hope your chapters plan lots of fun and rewarding activities. I hope we can increase our numbers. I hope wecan add some more chapters. I hope we can become more aware of the chaptersclose to us and encourage each other.

Let's have a great year!

There will be a Council Meeting in Las Vegas on Sept.30. Please let us know ifyou have items for us to discuss. Send us your ideas!

Take care and remember…an effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.

Tri Psi Love,

Christine Calhoun, Canada Alpha

International President